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Advanced Lighting for a Better Life

Lighting Solutions That Adjust to Your Lifestyle Throughout the Day

Achieving the perfect lighting in your home every time requires more than basic dimming capabilities. How can you move beyond the traditional flat dimming of lights in your Seattle area home? Tunable lights provide “warm dimming” by adjusting color temperature as they transition from cool blue colors to warm amber colors.

Though lower-end tunable lighting solutions are available through DIY installations, Ketra lighting systems from Lutron offer the ultimate efficiency and elegance – whether you live in Bellevue, Seattle, Mercer Island or beyond. Only Ketra circadian lighting delivers automated indoor natural lighting throughout the day, intuitive control through Lutron HomeWorks QS integration, and elegant fixture varieties. Obot Electric and Wipliance harmonize to provide a seamless, turnkey solution for design, installation and customization of your KETRA system. 

Experience the ketra difference

Human-Centric Lighting

Tunable Lighting Naturally Adjusts Your Body’s Circadian Rhythm

8:00 AM

How does Ketra lighting ensure you start the day refreshed? Even in cloudy conditions, it greets you with crisp, blue hues mimicking natural sunlight for an energizing start to your day.

1:30 PM

Experience the natural progression of sunlight as Ketra’s fixtures slowly shift to warmer hues. You’ll enjoy natural light without opening shades and letting in heat during the hottest part of the day.

8:30 PM

Each evening it's easier to wind down with warm, amber hues that promote relaxation and sleep. Set your preferences based on your bedtime routine or run with Ketra's automated lighting settings.

A Healthier Approach to Your Lighting

Natural sunlight is vital in regulating your circadian rhythm for better sleep, reduced stress, and greater physical wellbeing. During the day, Ketra’s automated human centric lighting not only enhances your health but adds a spark to your décor as well.

Enhance all your high-end architectural finishes with soft tunable lighting.

Take Advantage of Our In-House OBOT Electric Team

Relying on third parties to install your Ketra lighting fixtures could result in an unreliable system that doesn’t quite match the specifications you had in mind. Ensure your system meets your performance expectations by choosing us as your Ketra installation company. Our in-house Obot Electric team works hand-in-hand with our Wipliance programmers to meet your home lighting standards without exceeding your budget or project timeline.

Take Full Control of Your Ketra Lighting System

To embrace the full potential of your Ketra lighting control system, you can integrate it with Lutron's HomeWorks QS platform. Have access to Ketra's custom scenes from luxury keypads, mobile apps, dedicated touchpads, or via voice commands. Partnering with Wipliance, Bellevue area’s leading Ketra dealer, we can integrate an unlimited number of Ketra LED light fixtures within HomeWorks QS for an intuitive, personalized lighting control solution.

A Look at HomeWorks QS’s Best Features
  • Tie all your home’s Ketra fixtures together under one platform
  • Design custom scenes for relaxation, increased energy and concentration
  • Have access to luxury keypads from Palladiom, Signature and GRAFIK T
Our programmers and electricians collaborate to design a custom solution.
OBOT Electric offers design and installation support for your Ketra system.




Excellence Delivered Every Time


Why should you go with Ketra lighting fixtures instead of other lower-end tunable lighting solutions? Although many bulbs promote circadian lighting, none deliver the precision and optics of Ketra fixtures. Ketra offers full spectrum tunable lighting by combining white LED with red, green, and blue light. Though most tunable lighting solutions have device and design limits, Ketra lighting systems offer unprecedented variety in both bulb designs and integration possibilities.

Embrace the Ketra Difference
  • Expand to pendant, linear, and luminaire fixture models.
  • Tunable lighting extends from 1,400K to 10,000K.
  • Tightly packed LED design delivers uniform color optics.


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