Is Your Office Lighting Negatively Affecting Business Performance?

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The modern workplace is undergoing a transformation. What used to be a one-size-fits-all environment is now becoming a more flexible and activity-based space to improve collaboration, focus, and comfort for employees.

Among these changes in the workplace is commercial lighting control. Lighting is considered one of the most critical factors in ergonomics, but this part of an office’s design is often overlooked, rushed, or sacrificed for style. Improper lighting can strain the eyes, cause headaches, lower productivity, and make it difficult for your employees to focus.

When you expand your use of lighting to optimize the wellbeing of your staff, you’ll positively impact your business’ bottom line. Read below to explore the benefits you’ll reap when you turn to natural lighting and tunable LEDs for your next office renovation in Bellevue, WA. 

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FAQ: Upgrading Your Lutron HomeWorks Illumination System to QS

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If your home is equipped with a Lutron HomeWorks Illumination system, it may be time to upgrade to the newest total home control system by Lutron: HomeWorks QS. Lutron is always innovating to offer homeowners in Seattle, WA the best lighting and shading control solutions for their spaces.

By upgrading to HomeWorks QS, your Lutron lighting control system can achieve better performance, reliability, and aesthetics. But what exactly does an upgrade entail? Can you still use some of your existing hardware? How can you get started with an upgrade? We answer these questions and more below to help ensure your expectations are met before moving forward.

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What Is HomeWorks QS?

HomeWorks QS is the next generation of HomeWorks Illumination, which is Lutron’s legacy total home control system. A HomeWorks QS lighting control system offers the most comprehensive solutions for your home. Perfect for large-scale homes and expansive properties, HomeWorks QS works with an unlimited number of devices and can integrate with your shading, AV, security, HVAC system, and Ketra tunable LED lighting. It also features a wide range of beautiful designer keypads and dimmer panels.

My current Lutron system uses wired wall-mounted keypads. Can I use these with HomeWorks QS?

Your existing HomeWorks Illumination hardwired keypads can be carried over to your QS system, though it requires certain keypad link translators and software licenses to accomplish this. This option also requires continued use of 15V DC power supplies as opposed to 24V to avoid damage to devices.

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8 Benefits of LED Lighting

The benefits of installing LED Lighting in your home or business are almost endless. LED (Light Emitting Diode) bulbs are energy efficient, cost effective, and durable.

LED bulbs are the latest advancement in lighting, and offer a great alternative in replacing your current halogen or standard lights. Below is a list of ways that having OBOT Electric install LED lighting in your home can save you time, energy and money:

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